Authentic Crete: Heart of the Island
Authentic Crete: Heart of the Island
Authentic Crete: Heart of the Island
Authentic Crete: Heart of the Island
Authentic Crete: Heart of the Island

Authentic Crete: Heart of the Island

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Highlights of the Tour 

  • Visit the traditional mountain village Spili known for its arts and crafts
  • Discover remote Meronas village, located in picturesque Amari valley
  • Have a special tour in one of the village chapels to see the unique frescoes from 13th century. Meet the village lady in traditional cafeneio
  • Lunch at a hand-picked, truly authentic family tavern 
  • Admire the history and Venetian baroque architecture of Arkadi monastery, located in the scenic surrounding of vineyards
  • Meet the locals in Margarites village, famous for its art of pottery, developed by its inhabitants since Minoan times
  • Learn about past and present of Cretan olive oil making at the family owned Olive Oil Farm​​
Whenever visiting Crete, seek out the places where the island’s heart beats - strong and vibrant. This journey through the villages in Amari valley takes you right into the depth of the island uncompromised by the tourism industry. Be prepared to experience the sincere and authentic Crete! We delve into the Cretan culture, the traditional lifestyle, we meet and chat with locals and discover some of the island's secrets of long and healthy living. ​​We delve into lesser explored areas of Crete where the disarming hospitality of locals strikes you unguarded, just like in old days. During this tour use the opportunity to get connected to the villagers – whether for a table game of tavli, shot of raki or brief chat over Greek coffee as we stopover in several villages. 
The items in the small museum in picturesque Spili village have been brought here by villagers. Enjoy the stroll through small shops and taste the produce of local bakery. Join in the villagers in a square next to Venetian water fountains.
At Meronas you can feel the clocks slowing down - and not just because the roads are so narrow that you have to be careful not to drive into people's bedrooms. The whole other world of white-washed village opens up - cock-crows, birdsong, terracotta roofs, profusions of roses, honeysuckle, geranium and bougainvillea, orange groves.